Vincent Golde the Jackass Donkey – Desktop Note Pad, Note Dispenser and Pen Holder, for Memo,


Your loyal desktop companion.
Morris the Mule – or Horse, you decide! – stands ready to help when you need to dash off a quick reminder note for yourself, or tell your officemates where you’re at. It stores 140 compact 3.5″ sheets, just right for a line or two. Or you can stack some 3×5″ note cards, along with a couple of pens or pencils.
Never miss or misplace a reminder
The head is a handy clip, like a clothespin. Squeeze the ears, slip your note into the mouth, and Morris will keep your notes where you can’t miss them.
Add a pop of fun to your workplace and day
You’re in your office, and you’re working. That doesn’t mean you can’t add some amusement to your environment. Keep the “fun” in functional, and pop Morris into your cart right now!

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